Perry and Romney at the Tea Party Debate

All of the nomineesCNN hosted the Tea Party Republican Debate last night in Tampa, Florida. The eight presidential nominees were there, but the spotlight was really on Rick Perry and Mitt Romney – the two bickered back and forth a lot within the debate and watching it was amusing.

CNN opened the show by giving each person a label. Perry got “The New Comer,” Ron Paul got “The Libertarian,” Herman Cain got “The Business Man,” Michele Bachmann got “The Firebrand” and so on.

Bachmann got some good jabs in there at Perry in regards to his mandate on girls getting the HPV vaccine, but the focus was like aforementioned on Perry and Romney. The two debated social security and Wolf Blitzer really did egg them on to go on this back and forth banter.

On another note Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 deal just makes me laugh, because it sounds like a pizza deal and makes me think I am getting 9 pizzas for $9/each. Which is not the case in this businessman’s deal.

Here is a clip of the banter going on between Romney and Perry:

Huntsman and Ron Paul got some face time in there, and Rick Santorum fought to get some face time – while Newt Gingrich averted all questions and turned them onto the ones asking the question – as well as shamelessly trying to promote his book and saying that the audience’s applause cut into his talking time.

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