Fist bump, Push Up, ChapstickFist pumps, push-ups and chapstick.
In Italy this episode Vinny and Pauly D decided to go “straight up Guido” and get dressed up like the typical “Jersey Guido” according to them. Instead of “GTL” it became “FPC” – fist pumps, push-ups, and chapstick. It was pretty hilarious to watch. This all came from Deena styling Pauly D’s hair in faux-hawk, and she is the only person who has been allowed to touch Pauly D’s hair.
Snooki gets told by a priest in Florence to cover up, but according to her back at her home church they would be just fine with the way she was dressed. The girls are all out together and they laugh as Snooki says, “God made my boobs.” And JWOWW retorts, “He didn’t make mine.”

Sammi and Ronny fight in a less violent way, but Vinny still talks to them about it and lets them know that the roommates are sick of hearing it and they don’t want the fighting to get in the way of everyone enjoying Italy. Cheers to that.

Snooki gets a bit upset since her boyfriend, Jionni, back in Jersey is really conservative and modest compared to her. She talked about how he gets embarrassed of her when she makes a scene in public – well can you really blame him? But it’s Snooki – she’s the way she is and he knew that when he started dating her. Ron gives sound advice by telling her not to change the way she is. On the phone with Jionni she says she feels like she’s scared to be herself and he says that she should be, as in she SHOULD be scared to be herself.
Then that night out at the club someone pours a drink on Deena’s head and there ends up a bunch of fighting, but it then Snooki and Deena end up fighting with each other like the drunk fools they are. Deena finds a random hickey on the neck of the guy she is hooking up with while Jionni gets at Snooki for her behavior and she cries; Ronny finds it appropriate to try to calm him down. She says she feels like she is constantly being judged by him – wow, doesn’t sound like the world’s greatest boyfriend.

Mike milks his injury for all it is worth. He is all proud in his neck brace and feeling bad for himself hoping that others will share the sentiment, but JWOWW says that you can’t feel bad for someone when it is a self injury. It was his own fault for hitting his head against a cement wall and she didn’t feel bad for him.

Ronny and Sammi are still together for now, and let’s see how this continues to go.
Can’t wait for Jionni to fly out.

Kissy Kissy

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