Hey Google AdSense, 212articles.com Is a Content Scraper Site

For those content bloggers who are expert at getting material on Google News, beware, http://www.212articles.com will take your content, and blog title, word for word, and mix it with other content, and stick it on its own website.

Then, you can see it at Google Trends, as this blogger did.

Check out the image screen shot. My blog post here, called “Stanford At 7 In AP College Football Rankings,” was placed at SFGate.com and Zennie62Blog.com. The SFGate.com version hit Google Trends, and remained for some time until something like 1:30 AM EST.

Then, the 212articles.com version popped up, but not in the news section, in the blog section of Google Trends.

And with most of my words from the initial post in place.

212articles.com has done this before, and seems to be mixing content from various high ranking sites, then sticking their own ads on their pages. Google AdSense ads.

This is a clear violation of Google AdSense policies against “content scraping.”

What to do? Well, out 212articles.com! That’s what I’m doing.

For starters.

Stay tuned.

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