Hurricane Irene: Party At Hookalicious, Greenville, North Carolina

Hurricane Irene party? Yes!

While the nation watches, waits, and cowers in fear of Hurricane Irene, they’re partying at Hookalicious, in Greenville, North Carolina. Four deaths have been blamed for the giant storm, but at Hookalicious, the only deaths have been to the inhibitions of the party-goers. Check out this video I found on YouTube:

What’s Hookalicious?

Located at 203 east 5 street, in Greenville, NC, Hookalicious is described as…

a great place for you and your friends to come hang out, kick back relax and smoke premium flavored tobacco while listening to good music. Located in Downtown Greenville right across from Michelangelo’s Pizza. Must be 18 to enter and have a valid id

Check out the Hookalicious Facebook page, and “like” them. It’s cool to know that people can have it all in perspective, hang out, and have a good time!

Stay tuned!

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