Libya Rebels Storm Tripoli, Get Gaddafi’s Son, Impact Oil Markets

Think the events in Libya don’t impact you in America? Keep watch on gas prices over the next year, and you can thank Libya Rebel success for the actions – not that they planned it that way.

But Libya Rebels storming Tripoli, the capital of Libya, and capturing Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, have caused what has been called a “knee-jerk” reaction to oil markets.

According to CNN Money, the Brent crude oil prices fell 1.2 percent, but “but don’t expect that to to translate into sharply lower U.S. gas prices anytime soon,” which means about a year, even though gas prices are expected to drop 25 cents in what’s described as a ‘standard pattern’ after Labor Day.

Immediate, or long term, the liberation of Libya from 40 years of dictatorial leadership under Muammar Gaddafi will eventually lead to more oil distributed in the World market.

Not All Happy With Libya Rebel Success

Just for grins, not everyone’s happy with the success of the Libya Rebels. Take YouTuber moordenaar80, who posted a video with the title “Ghadafi betrayed by own people fall of Libya,” and shows jubilant Libyans celebrating in the streets. Personally, it’s a cool sight to see, but where are the women?

On that, and more, stay tuned.

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