Justin Bieber Almost Ties Lady Gaga, Barack Obama 3rd In Twitter Followers

The wars for Twitter Followers heat up, as Justin Bieber gets close to, but fails as of this writing to pass, Lady Gaga. The good news for Justin Bieber and his fans is that he’s topped the 12 million follower mark, but he’s at 12,023,483 whereas Lady Gaga has 12,808,614 Twitter Followers.

The President, Barack Obama, is in 3rd place, at 9,755,299 Twitter Followers.

Do Twitter Followers Matter?

The question is, do Twitter Followers matter? The answer, as The Game discovered, is a resounding “YES!” In his case, The Game says that an associate tweeted out a message for his followers to call the LA Compton Sheriff’s phone number if they wanted an internship with the famous rapper. In moments, the Compton Sheriff’s Office was flooded with calls, tying up the phone system, and creating a dangerous situation where the police could not respond to common service calls. The Game did that with Twitter.

And The Game has 576,000 Twitter Followers; imagine directing the actions of over 9 million Twitter followers? That, I think, is the power President Obama doesn’t know he has. He could try something like that, having Obama supporters flood, say, John Boehner’s Office with calls to support a new economic stimulus package.

If President Obama added that to a television call to action, he could move the nation’s agenda and break Republican gridlock.

But I think this President is filled with the spirit of Ted Kennedy, and wants to achieve compromise. But I digress.

The power of having Twitter Followers is not something to be understated, it’s to be understood.

More on this later.

Stay tuned.