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Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

On September 2: team Canada will take on St. Lucia. Now Canada is ranked much higher in the world standings but this is soccer and anything can happen. Canada is just over 100 at 105 and St. Lucia is just below 200 at 183. Both teams are in group D. witch the win moves on to the next rounds Group C. group C already has Cuba and Honduras and the winner of this rounds group C witch I believe will be Panama.

The two teams have never played each other and St. Lucia has never been to the world cup. Unlike Canada which has One appearance back in 1986.

Good news for St. Lucia is that Canada has drop by 22. Whereas St. Lucia has went up by two. But a win in this group doesn’t mean much see how the teams awaiting in the next round are much higher and will have more rest in all likely hood I don’t see ether team in the next world cup. But this game should be a good one to watch. The other games to watch for are: Japan vs. Korea DPR, Iraq vs. Jordan, Qatar vs. Bahrain, Canada vs. St. Lucia and last but not least El Salvador vs. Dominican Republic.

As always thank you and video of: click on Team Canada in 1986

Team Canada 1986

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