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Ron Paul Wins Republican Debate

Ron Paul

Fox News hosted last night’s Republican Debate in Ames, Iowa. It is pretty clear that Ron Paul was the winner of the debate, based on votes and just a general observation of the way the debate went would show that Ron Paul (who really should fall under the category of Libertarian, but he tried that already before and to get elected one needs to be a Democrat or Republican) clearly knows what he’s talking about and can defend himself.

CNN’s John Avlon wrote the following regarding Ron Paul in last night’s debate:

“Ron Paul again asserted himself as the most intellectually influential member of the modern GOP. Somewhere Robert A. Taft was smiling at the applause that neo-isolationism received from the heartland crowd. Auditing the Fed is also a new normal. Foreign policies defended by conservatives under George W. Bush now seem broadly controversial because they are carried out under Obama.”

A blogger for the LA Times does a good job giving background about Paul:

“Paul is a 76-year-old Air Force veteran and retired ob-gyn who has only been elected to 11 terms in the House of Representatives as a Texas Republican who talks more like a libertarian. None of the other Republican candidates have been elected to anything 11 times, counting schoolyard pickup games.”

Maybe he will win the straw poll tomorrow.

Watch the entire debate:

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