Wisconsin Recall Election Spells End Of Tea Party GOP Movement

Mark it here: Scott Walker will be out at Wisconsin’s Governor in 2012. The Tea Party Movement will not survive 2012.

While some democrats and left-leaning blogs like The Huffington Post, acted as if Dems lost, actually Democrats won, taking two incumbent Republicans out of six down, and leaving the Wisconsin Senate with a one seat GOP majority, 17 to 16. And while Wisconsin Dems aren’t out of the woods, with another recall election next week, it’s not too early to look back and say “That was a good job, now let’s vote some more!”

The Wisconsin Republicans had no business being in this situation to begin with. Taking away “rights” of any kind is a dangerous proposition, add “union” and “collective bargaining” to it, and folks are ready to fight. That’s Wisconsin, where it’s obvious that Governor Walker’s actions were too much, even for some Republicans.

This is not the way. You don’t force cuts down the mouths of people. Moreover, John Kenneth Galbraith said it best: Republicans have the singular distinction of accusing Government of being ineffective, then, when they take office, do everything they can to make it so.

That was true in the 60s, it’s true today.

Stay tuned.

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