Kevin Boss – Press Conference Oakland Raiders 2011

Former New York Giants Tight End Kevin Boss joined the Oakland Raiders this weekend, replacing Zack Miller, who took advantage of the free agency market to bolt for the Seattle Seahawks.

In this video posted by matheinazman on YouTube, Boss was introduced by Raiders Head Coach Hugh Jackson, who said that the Silver and Black were “so happy” to have him and that Boss was “the right fit,” who would be part of the glue that brings a World Championship, Boss then took the podium.

Boss praised Jackson’s passion and energy. Then he said that he was surprised that Miller went to Seattle, but saw what he called a “no brainer” opportunity. He narrowed it to New York and Oakland, but being a West Coast guy, and of course looking for a better contract, he picked Oakland.

What I’m interested to know is how Coach Jackson plans to use Boss in the Raiders Offense. That’s the unanswered question.

Stay tuned.

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