Stacy Keibler Is George Clooney’s New Girlfriend? Nice!

Well, some are making fun of Stacy Keibler’s past as a female wrestler, now that she’s dating George Clooney.

But that was a while ago – the “Guns” are gone and replaced by a skinny-mini blonde model look and a noted talent for dancing. But even with all this Miss Keibler still claims she can “kick your ass.” So watch out for that right hook, George!

(Still, Stacey would look hotter with muscle.)

The Dancing with the Stars talent tweets on Twitter has a tagline that reads “Living life to the fullest,” and tweets that

Stacy Keibler
Life really could not be any better, I’m smiling all day long 🙂
1 Aug via Twitter for BlackBerry®

From reports, so’s George.

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