Jersey Shore: Season 4 Italy Premiere

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Last night was Jersday. The cast is staying in Florence, Italy; and I am watching this show alongside someone who has been there.


The Jersey Shore house hit Italy – and they hit Italy hard. The only person who seems to be taking it seriously is Vinny – with actually taking time to learn the language.

Snooki even said: “I have no idea where Italy is on the map, but I do know what shape it is, and it’s like a boot.”

Ronnie and Sammi are broken up – for now, and Sammi is looking really good.

Snooki has a boyfriend back home, but apparently her and the Situation have hooked up recently and he wants to continue this. He confides to Ronnie that Snooki and him may have something going on. Ronnie’s response to it was saying that Snooki is happy with her boyfriend and that she should be happy and Situation shouldn’t try and mess it up.


Snooki seems very devoted to working out as well. And Snooki also seems to be taking a break from her love of Vinny – even though she does see his junk as he goes on top of her during her work out and exposes himself in only a towel.

They all go out and party as usual. Watching the episode made it seem like this is going to be the last season, because they all seem to be getting tired of each other, but who knows.

The girls have problem with their plugs and Deena’s hair gets burned and falls off due to her curling iron. They use up way too much electricity. And of course all of their clothing was skimpy.

Vinny has to help with all hook ups because none of the guys speak Italian so he has to be the middle man back and forth.

The first episode really wasn’t as climactic as it should have been, but the previews for future episodes show Snooki crashing the car and Situation being beaten up, and of course more Ronnie and Sammi drama.

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News: Jersey Shore: Season 4 Italy Premiere - Last night was Jersday. The cast is staying in Florence, Italy; and I am watching this show alongside someone who...

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