FIFA USA New Coach

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62
Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

USA USA that’s right today’s post is all about the USA, but what about the USA? They have a new coach. Jurgen Klinsmann, has played in some of the top teams in the world and his home country Germany. He played in teams like Inter Milan, Tottenham, and Bayern Munich. He played major roles in Germany winning the 1990 world cup and the European championship in 1996. He has over 47 goals in world play himself and is ready for work saying “I want to move things in the right direction,” and “I hope we find a way to find a Lionel Messi in the United States. That would be awesome.”

Now we do have to wait to see what difference he brings till the 10th where the USA plays Mexico. Now the USA drop 6 in rankings and now sits at 30. Mexico has drop 11 but is still ranked 10 above us so this upcoming game is going to really test the USA. As for the world cup the USA doesn’t have to play until round 3. They are in group A. Because round 2 has not started yet so we still are missing two teams in the group but we will play Jamaica ranked 44. Then it’s the winners of group E and F witch I predict will be Guatemala ranked 115 and Haiti ranked 117. So the USA should have no problem getting out of there group. But this is soccer.

Video of Jurgen Klinsmann back on August 1

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