Star Wars Blueprint Book Introduced At Comic Con 2011

For sci-fi fans like this blogger, owning the Star Trek Blueprints of the late 70s were like owning gold. Now, Star Wars fans can enjoy the same engineering drawings for the Star Wars movies, but with a big difference: the blueprints are real.

They’re featured in a giant, $500 book called the Star Wars Blueprint Book and introduced at Comic Con 2011. The big brown book has over 500 photographs and illustrations made for the sets, ships, and props for Star Wars. It has everything from the X-Wing and Y-Wing Rebel Fighters, to the TIE Imperial Fighters, elevation drawings for the Rebel Base on the ice planet of Hoth, and photos of the Star Wars designers and special effects teams, and movie helms people like the late director Irvin Kershner.

Kristin Mehus-Roe, the book’s editor, worked with the book’s author J. W. Rinzler to produce this incredible work that will be in demand for generations.

Get your copy now, because there are only 5,000 hand-numbered English language copies, and George Lucas already has book number one. Order it here: Epic Books.

Stay tuned.

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