FIFA Asian Qualifiers; Round 2 Game 1

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62
Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

The 2nd round of the Asian qualifiers started today. Matches taking place throughout Asian started off with a bang as China beat Laos 7 to 2. This is only game one and there is another game to be played in 5 days (the 28 of July) so teams have a chance to redeem themselves

I myself watched the Kuwait vs. Philippines thanks to ABS-CBN online. I wanted to watch other games too but could not find a steam and since I live in the states it’s not on tv. So if you read this and know of any streams for any teams let me know for the PC or MAC because we have both.

Now yes the Philippines did lose  3-0 but they were missing there starter player and played in Kuwait and were the under dogs. FIFA ranks them at 159 and Kuwait at 102. But like I said before there is still one more game to go and it’s played at Manila with is in the Philippines and to top it off their goal scorer back who got to yellow and for those who don’t know that means a red. Today’s game did not help, because now they have to out play Kuwait and win by 4 to move on to round 3.

Round 3 is to be held Sep 2 2011 till Feb 29th 2012
Here is a complete list of all games and scores of the day :
United Arab Emirates 3-0 India
Kuwait 3-0 Philippines
Iran 4-0 Maldives
Singapore 5-3 Malaysia
Oman 2-0 Myanmar
Qatar 3-0 Vietnam
Iraq 2-0 Yemen
Jordan 9-0 Nepal
Uzbekistan 4-0 Kyrgyzstan
Syria 2-1 Tajikistan
Turkmenistan 1-1 Indonesia
Thailand 1-0 Palestine
Lebanon 4-0 Bangladesh
Saudi Arabia 3-0 Hong Kong
As always I would like to thank for the information in this post.

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