Yesterday, July 20, the new software for Mac was released. The Mac OS X 10.7 Lion software has a lot of differences compared to the previous Snow Leopard. This account is from the first hand experience with the software after upgrading my 13″ MacBook Pro which previously was running on Snow Leopard.

After purchasing the software in the App Store for $29.99 the downloading icon appeared on the dashboard and was there for about half an hour – then a dialogue box came up asking to finish the installation. So it was the download screen with the big X in gray and it said it would take half an hour, but it took 45 minutes.

Then my laptop screen was stuck on my desktop wallpaper for at least two hours with the “pinwheel of death” spinning, so I decided to hold my finger down on the power button and restart my laptop.

That worked and I saw the new icons on my dashboard and I first checked out the new Photobook effects. I noticed that my “scroll up” “scroll down” with two fingers command had changed so I needed to go to System Preferences and edit that. I learned that there’s a lot more swiping to do with fingers, which is cool, and everything can now be full screen.

I cannot readily find a guide anywhere on my laptop saying how to use the new software, so I am relying on Apple’s web site to help me with the 250 new upgrades.

Also, I am unable to find how much space I have left. Previously – when opening the FINDER at the very bottom it would say “125.3 GB” or however much space was left, but now it is no longer doing so.

The look and feel is different so far, and it is taking some time getting used to. I am sure once I read over the 250 new features that I will be able to understand everything and be able to take advantage of all the new features available.

So far, I like it a lot. It was worth the money.

By Nikky Raney

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