Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from prison today, Sunday, July 17. It seems a little off that the public is being informed when Anthony is being released – because people knowing when she is going to leave prison is definitely going to get in the way of her safety. The death threats are plentiful, and there are many people out there who would love to get their hands on Anthony.

Casey leaves jail

Reuters reports that she is released from the Florida jail surrounded by lots and lots of security. Reuters even includes a recent photo of her leaving. She is dressed up like it’s just another day, time to go out grocery shopping or hit a club. In a magenta t-shirt and some jeans with her hair up, she looks very casual and laid back.

Like predicted, Reuters confirms that there are people waiting for her release:

“A crowd of 300 had been waiting since midafternoon Saturday for Anthony’s release, and many rushed into the street to follow the vehicle as she was driven away, briefly blocking the eastbound lanes of a six-lane road before police cleared them away. …

In recognition of the massive coverage expected of the release, media representatives and jail managers negotiated a plan which, much like modern war coverage, allowed embedded pool reporters and photographers to document her departure.”

Casey Anthony - ABC News

ABC News posts a photo of her being escorted by police officers in bullet proof vests carrying rifles as she enters a black SUV with her defense attorney Jose Baez – congratulations to the high school drop out for being able to flip off every one who doubted him.

ABC News tells what the plans will be for Anthony now that she is released:

“According to the sheriff’s department, the plans for Anthony’s release were that she would be driven by jail guards to a secret location away from the grounds, but after that she would be on her own.”

“We will not be providing any elaborate security or protection for Casey once she leaves,” Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said.”

Secret location? Good luck with that. It’s safe to say she won’t be going home to her mom and dad.

By Nikky Raney

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