Casey Anthony jurors assure the public that the “not guilty” verdict does not mean “innocent.” However, Anthony was found guilty of lying to law enforcement – which she is trying to appeal. Really? She is really trying to appeal this?

She lied flat out – there are videos and it is recorded. She made up her imaginary friend/nanny (Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez) and said that she left Caylee with her and that the two talked on the phone. She directly lied to police – how does she plan to get away with appealing this?

In fact, there is someone named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez who is suing Casey Anthony for defamation. Go figures that Anthony would use someone’s real name to name an imaginary friend. I bet she looked through the phone book at some interesting names. People who share the same name as Anthony are getting death threats!

ABC News reports:
“Casey Anthony, acquitted of charges that she murdered her daughter Caylee, filed an appeal today of her conviction that she lied to law enforcement officers.” …

“The jury that acquitted her of murder agreed that she broke the law when she told police she worked at Universal Studios, that she left her daughter with a babysitter named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, when she claimed that Caylee was missing, and when she claimed that Caylee was still alive and she had spoken to her on the phone July 15, 2008. None of those statements were true.”

“When Casey Anthony leaves jail, she will have to deal with several lawsuits, including one filed by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez who claims Anthony cost her a house, a job and subjected her to death threats when Anthony claimed that a babysitter of the same name stole Caylee.”

Casey AnthonyReuters reports Anthony will be released Sunday, but that is probably not true and just a way to get the public to believe that she won’t be released until Sunday, because if the public is really informed when Anthony is released then that will be a very unsafe situation for Anthony. So she is better off with the public thinking she is leaving prison on a different day than the one that she is actually is. It just makes sense. But the reports say:

“Her release has been planned with the same precision that marked her high-profile murder trial followed by audiences around the world.

In recognition of the massive media coverage expected of the release, which could occur any time after midnight Saturday, media representatives and jail managers negotiated a plan which, much like modern war coverage, will allow embedded pool reporters and photographers to document her departure from inside the jail facility.

But the plan is for images and eyewitness accounts of her release to be under wraps until corrections officials determine the 25-year-old has traveled far enough down the road to relinquish the jail’s responsibility for her safety.”

Casey Anthony is seriously ridiculous. On my personal blog, The Future of Journalism at, I am doing a special three part posting about the way the media covered her trial and how the media coverage was able to influence the opinions of all that watched – and the fact that most trials are not allowed to have cameras in the court room, and how the cameras in the court room and the lack of privacy contributes.

By Nikky Raney

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