No, Helen Mirren Does Have A Great Body

Helen Mirren’s topping Google Trends in both blogs and news websites for several reasons, but a very interesting one is the reaction to her blast that she, in her view, does not have a great body. My video above is a rebuttal, made three years ago, but it’s worth digging up for a repeat performance.

According to, Mirren said that early last week, while informed that she made the top place in a poll of the hottest women over 50 years old. Mirren ranted “I do not have a great body. I have a c–p body. Naomi Campbell has a great body. Let’s be realistic, here.”

This space wants to take nothing away from the wonderfully beautiful Ms. Campbell, but there is room for more than one celebrity in the “hot church,” if you will.

Besides, anyone who can make a movie, Shadowboxer, with Cuba Gooding Jr., and play lover, assassin, and confidant, and look so tasty doing it you forget she’s 65 years old, deserves the title.

Helen Mirren’s hot body was most recently seen with Jeremy Irons and Lorin Maazel and the Castleton Festival Orchestra at the 2011 BlackCreek Summer Music Festival at the Rexall Centre in Toronto, Canada, June 30th.

Stay tuned.

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