Continuing to watch the Casey Anthony trial there are numerous occasions where the defense in their closing arguments are talking about how the “true” way that Caylee Anthony died isn’t “sexy.” Earlier Baez even said “drowning isn’t sexy.” It is continually stated that the media is trying to portray this in a way that makes Casey look guilty, because the truth isn’t “sexy.”

Does that even make sense?
Why is the murder being talked about as being sexy or not?

Is it because Casey Anthony was once thought of as “sexy?” There are old party girl photos of her and her tattoo and all her partying, but now after all the time spent in prison and going through trial no one would use the words “sexy” to describe her.

Fox News seems to be the channel to continue to watch when it comes to the Casey Anthony trial. The station for once has had my viewership all day long, and this is a first for the channel. It’s good to see the side commentary of the anchors include interviews with both sides of the trial, those who find her to be innocent as well as those who find her guilty.

It’s confusing as to why anyone would consider a murder of a child to be sexy in any way, shape or form.

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By Nikky Raney

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