The Casey Anthony trial is quite interesting in its final days – since 11 am the television has been on and my eyes have been glued to Fox News’ coverage; watching Defense Attorney Jose Baez give the closing arguments. He points out so much and we have our eyes glued to Baez as in right side of the screen is Casey Anthony’s emotionless expression on her face.

CayleeBaez speaks of the duct tape and about how the truth is being danced around. He makes it clear that there is not enough evidence to prove that Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthony and it needs to be proven. Baez is going on and on as he continues to show the gas cans and photos of Caylee.

Baez calls this case a “fantasy prosecution case” and he thinks that George Anthony committed the murder, but then again he says that maybe Caylee drowned and the entire thing was an accident. He goes on to speak of Casey Anthony’s mental state even before June 2008; the imaginary friends that Casey had.

Casey’s face remains emotionless and every time the prosecution speaks up the Judge sustains and agrees with the prosecution. The judge reminded everyone that there needs to be no facial expressions, and Ashton laughed at Baez which caused Baez to stop. The court will resume shortly.

Coverage will continue – be the 13th juror; what do you think? Was it odd that the day after Caylee went missing Casey decided to go out and dance? Or is that irrelevant? How about the duct tape? Fox News’ live and continuing coverage is what keeps it on this television, the other news stations don’t seem to be paying as much attention.

Will Baez continue to stretch all of this and call it all “fantasy forensics?”

Each side is given 4 hours to give closing arguments so this is going to be going on until later tonight, and I will continue to give updates every so often.

By Nikky Raney

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