Ron Paul Campaign Leads in Fundraising

RON PAUL 2012Presidential candidate Ron Paul has very active supporters and the political fundraising for his campaign has done so well that it is estimated that the campaign has earned over $4.5 million in the second quarter (which ended June 30).

The Atlantic reminds about how much was made by Paul’s previous campaign:

“Ron Paul impressed many with his fundraising ability in 2008, having taken in over $34 million before he dropped out in early March of that year. With an early lead over Pawlenty, seen as a more viable mainstream candidate, Paul seems to be replicating that success.”

Fox News reports that Ron Paul failed to reach his goal ($5 million), but $4.5 million is close and the campaign is not finished counting up all of the money yet.

The State Column talks about how Paul has made more than Pawlenty and Hunstsman, and that the numbers are still increasing:

ABC News reported the $4.5 million figure early Friday, noting that Mr. Paul’s campaign said it expects to announce an official figure later in the day. The Paul campaign noted that the second quarter figure will be north of the $4.5 figure posted on Facebook.

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