Comic Con 2011: Henry Cavill, Relativity Films, 42 West Set “Hall H” Plans

Relativity Films has four movies that will make presentations at Comic Con 2011 in San Diego, July 20-25th: Shark Night 3D, Haywire, The Raven, and The Immortals with Henry Cavill, the next Superman. Of the foursome, Haywire, The Raven, and The Immortals are set for shows in the massive “Hall H” at San Diego Convention Center.

And the noted PR firm 42West has partnered with the studio on Shark Night and The Immortals , as Annalee Paulo and Shelby Kimlick put their skill to work.

Shark Night 3D, set for a September 2nd release, is the focus of several press events at Comic Con, so stay tuned to Zennie62 on Twitter for Shark Night 3D-related updates. The movie stars Sara Paxton and is described in this way:

Arriving by boat at her family’s Louisiana lake island cabin, Sara (Sara Paxton) and her friends quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of fun in the sun. But when star football player Malik (Sinqua Walls) stumbles from the salt-water lake with his arm torn off, the party mood quickly evaporates. Assuming the injury was caused by a freak wake-boarding accident, the group realizes they have to get Malik to a hospital on the other side of the lake, and fast.

But as they set out in a tiny speedboat, the college friends discover the lake has been stocked with hundreds of massive, flesh-eating sharks! As they face one grisly death after another, Sara and the others struggle desperately to fend off the sharks, get help and stay alive long enough to reach the safety of dry land.

The cast is a set of young stars featuring, in addition to Paxton, Katharine McPhee (The House Bunny), Dustin Milligan (Final Destination 3), Chris Carmack (The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations), Joel David Moore (Avatar), Sinqua Walls (From the Head), Alyssa Diaz (Red Dawn) and director David Ellis (Snakes on a Plane).

Haywire Has Gina (WOW) Carano

Haywire has Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) superstar Gina Carano (American Gladiators) making her feature film debut, and even doing her own stunts! The press description is tasty: She plays a covert ops specialist (Carano), “who works in the deadly world of international operatives, strikes back after discovering she’s been double – crossed by someone close to her in the agency.

The film is produced by Gregory Jacobs (Ocean’s Trilogy) and written by Lem Dobbs (The Limey),” as reported in the press release, which didn’t emphasize that Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven) is the FREAKING director.


But let’s just say Haywire’s shaping up to be another in a growing list of movies about strong women who can kick ass. Wonder Woman movie, anyone?

The Hall H dates are Friday, July 22nd from 11 to 11:25, then an autograph signing at 11:45 am to 12:30 pm in a to-be-named room at the San Diego Convention Center.

The Raven Features John Cusack

The Raven’s not set for release until March 9, 2012, but with Comic Con 2011’s reach, getting a key spot at Hall H can help create buzz that lasts beyond that time. The movie has a big star in John Cusack, and he’s got a great supporting cast: Luke Evans (Immortals, The Three Musketeers), Alice Eve (Sex In The City 2, Men In Black III) and director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta).

Plus, it has a compelling story line: In this gritty thriller, Edgar Allen Poe (John Cusack, Being John Malkovich) joins forces with a young Baltimore detective (Luke Evans, Immortals) to hunt down a mad serial killer who’s using Poe’s own works as the basis in a string of brutal murders.

And on top of all that, it’s directed by James McTeigue who helmed V for Vendetta. See it at Comic Con Hall H, right after Haywire, which means 11:30 to 12 noon on Friday, July 22nd.

Immortals Features Superman (Sorta)

This movie’s coming out on a Palindrome day of 11-11-11, but gets most of its buzz from it’s star Henry Cavill who’s listed as being in Zach Snyder’s upcoming Superman: Man of Steel, proving how smart the studio is to admit the obvious regarding public interest.

But to overlook Immortals is to look beyond a rich cast, featuring Mickey Rourke (Iron Man 2, The Wrestler), Luke Evans (The Three Musketeers, Clash of the Titans), Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga), Stephen Dorff (Somewhere), and Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire).

The story is about:

“The brutal and bloodthirsty King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his murderous Heraklion army are rampaging across Greece in search of the long lost Bow of Epirus. With the invincible Bow, the king will be able to overthrow the Gods of Olympus and become the undisputed master of his world. With ruthless efficiency, Hyperion and his legions destroy everything in their wake, and it seems nothing will stop the evil king’s mission.”

But really, you wan to see Superman, right?

Hall H will be bursting on Saturday July 23rd, as The Immortals cast comes for a full hour from 1 to 2 PM, and then will be at an autograph signing from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.

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