Dennis Kucinich Gets Nasty With CNN’s Brooke Baldwin

U.S. Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich showed his nasty and perhaps sexist side in his treatment of CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin just moments ago on CNN Live.

While fielding questions about his lawsuit against the Obama Administration for the U.S. military involvement in Libya, Brooke asked him an essentially rhetorical question of why he calls it a “war” when, at present, the U.S. doesn’t have a large set of ground soldiers there. “That’s a silly question,” Kucinich angrily responded, and which completely lost any chance of this blogger’s positive mention of Kucinich in this matter. “If it looks like a war, it’s a war” he continued.

Regardless of the situation, right or wrong, a U.S. Congressman or Congresswoman should always conduct themselves in a way that reflects the behavior of a gentleman or a lady. Instead, Kucinich came off like a debate thug and a woman-hating know-it-all. The way he looked at Baldwin – the sheer hostility he showed – was totally classless and completely out of line.

Soon, a video of this will surface; Kucinich should apologize to Baldwin for his shameful behavior. Baldwin was just doing her job, and this corner would bet that had a male CNN anchor asked the question, Mr. Kucinich would not have treated him that way.