Marilyn Monroe Rare Photos Are Rediscovered

Marilyn Monroe is always worth talking about – she is such an icon that actors and actresses of the present should look to for inspiration (regardless of alleged love affairs, she was a great actress and a true woman). So the newest news about Marilyn Monroe are that there are rare photos of her rediscovered.

Today would have been her 85th birthday.

CBS News reports that Anton Fury, photographer from New Jersey, found the photos at a garage sale for $2. Along with Marilyn Monroe there were photos of Jayne Mansfield.

New York Daily News had a personal interview with the 52-year-old:

“When I found them, there was no Internet,” he said. “There were limited resources to research them.”

Fury came across a collection of negatives in an envelope in the early 1980s and paid $2 for them. It wasn’t until he got into his dark room and developed a few of the images that he realized just what he’d stumbled upon.

It has been suggested that CNN could possibly publish some of these photos.

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