That's right, $500,000 per year!Did you know Dick Armey makes $500,000 per year to lead the allegedly leaderless, so-called grassroots Tea Party?

Add this to the Koch Brothers insinuating themselves into control of faculty appointments at colleges and universities in the United States and you have to wonder just what’s up on the extreme fringes of the right.

The modern Tea Party isn’t connected to the original meaning, and it isn’t connected to the ideals that drove people to start attending rallies sporting hats festooned with tea-bags, either. It’s become an extremist propaganda agency, with an agenda that’s scarcely mentioned by most of the mainstream media.

Who do you trust to tell the truth about political agendas? If they sell commercials, they depend on ratings, and you’d better figure out where the money’s coming from before you drink their kool-aid. via Twitter @addiestan