rebecca black friday
Rebecca Black

Today is Friday – which means that everyone was singing the song by Rebecca Black, but not only that – speaking every word spoken to the autotune of a Rebecca Black song (Friday) and also trying to do impromptu parodies on the spot. This could not be avoided.

There are Facebook statuses with her lyrics.

The more Rebecca Black that is heard and the more that song gets around – the more Justin Bieber is actually considered to be a great performer. Rebecca Black’s arrival onto the music scene has created more Bieber fans, because no matter how bad Bieber is or how annoying he can be; he could never be at the same level as Rebecca Black.

Sure, she’s a young girl and it’s not her fault that all of a sudden she is getting all this attention; hopefully she has thick skin. But she has not come out and actually made fun of herself or actually played along with it. She is still taking herself seriously – no one else takes her seriously, she’d be better off just auditioning to be on KIDZ BOP.

People at college are saying they purchased tickets to her concert…what concert? She has ONE song.

Her original video has many views, but it has thumbs downs/dislikes as the majority, by at least 80 percent.

Is Friday forever ruined by this song? Will there always be an expectation of Friday lyrics posted all over on this day? The people who give her the most attention may not even like her, but the song is so catchy that everyone wants to create a parody.

Stop this overexposure – this girl has insulted Bieber by bragging about how her song was higher on the iTunes popularity list than Biebers (um, hello, he has had those out way longer) – which has resulted in those who absolutely despised Bieber’s music to come out and defend him.

Please don’t let this song get on the radio – this isn’t hatred or dislike toward Black personally, but this is not talent. She’s only 13 and really she should have just jumped on the joke bandwagon and posted about how silly the video and lyrics were – making fun of herself.

This just in by Stargasm – this poster is the proof of the tour of Rebecca Black…oh please.
People are going to this event to laugh and joke and make fun of her,
yes, sing along because the song gets stuck in people’s heads because it’s unbelievably catchy,
but this is just too much.

By Nikky Raney

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