Elizabeth Taylor

Oh Westboro Baptist Church’s Phelps family are the most obnoxious delusional people that have ever claimed to be part of the Christian religion – honestly. This is a blog post so there’s no need for real objectivity as long as the facts are presented to back it all up.


Elizabeth Taylor’s death has become a great PR opportunity for the active protestors who claim to Thank God for 9/11. The best interviews with her that truly show how delusional Shirley Phelps is was on Fox News a while back – search for “Crazy Woman on Fox News” and it’ll be the first result. That’s probably the only time Fox News really did a great job – multiple times. The interview with Phelps and her daughter at the Tyra show was great also.

The Westboro Baptist Church Protestors were even in my home town a while back protesting a gay couple winning the BEST COUPLE Superlative. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court voted that due to the first amendment the Westboro Baptist Church Members are not doing anything wrong as long as they are staying within their boundaries, but honestly – First Amendment or not these people are just ridiculous. Holding up signs that say “GOD HATES FAGS” at soldier’s funerals.

One of the daughters, Megan Phelps, took to Twitter and wrote

“Actress Elizabeth Taylor has died. Used every gift she had to teach a generation to be proud whores. WBC will picket her funeral.”

Honestly? This is disgusting.
These people need to stop holding up signs that say “THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS” and move to a secluded island with the other 80 members of the church which has been burnt down twice.

HotMommaGossip.com writes:

The reason the Church’s vast congregation of just 71 people are plotting this repulsive sideshow is Ms. Taylor’s support of AIDS research. The disease claimed her great friend Rock Hudson in 1985 and she was an fervent support of research from then on. But the Church does not approve.

Really? Honestly? She supports AIDs research so she deserves to have her funeral protested? This is surreal.

By Nikky Raney

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