Zennie62 And Micro-Angel Investors And Angel Investors

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Zennie62Media regularly receives monetary contributions. As Zennie62Media is not yet a true corporation, and we elected to hold off on completing the process toward making one until we received a sizable total investment, yet we wanted to have a method to reward frequent contributors, or the “micro-angel investor.”

The “micro-angel investor” generally gives between $1 and as much as $1,000 – a wide range, but far below the common level of ‘give’ of the angel investor, which is written to be “anywhere from a few thousand, to a few million dollars.”

To be able to accept the micro-angel investor, I created a level of dollars of micro-investment.

At present, Zennie62Media consists of the Zennie62 YouTube Channel, Zennie62blog.com, and two other WordPress self-hosted blogs in the Zennie62blog.com server: Oakland News Online and World News Media Net Online, as well as the 96 Blogger blogs, and many social media accounts. Right now, for those platforms where the value can be easily calculated, but including the 96 Blogger blogs, and many social media accounts, the total value is $201,144.

As per agreement with current Zennie62Media Partner Nikki Raney, 30 percent of the firm stock is ‘unallocated’ – of the remaining 70 percent that is allocated shares, 60 percent belong to Zenophon Abraham (me) and the remaining 10 percent belong to Nikki Raney.

Thus, of the 30 percent, the represented base dollar value is $60,343.20. The shares purchased is calculated in this way:

Micro-angel investor amount divided by base dollar value, or…

$10 divided by $60,343.20 equals 0.01657 percent of Zennie62Media that was purchased. Whereas to achieve owning one full percent, the micro-angel investor would have to give $603.43.

That $60,343.20 is the base value used to estimate percentage of currently unallocated shares that become allocated when 1) a contribution is made, and 2) an email communication noting that contribution and the shares it represents is sent to the micro-angel investor. In order for a micro-angel investment to be recorded, and the representative shares allocated, the contribution must be noted, even if the email communication is not done. Where a contribution is made it must be recorded and the micro-angel investor is entitled to, must ask for, and must have, an email stating what shares they purchased.

Where Contributions Can Be Made By Micro Angel Investors

You can make a micro-angel investment in one of two ways:

1) Via PayPal, here where the link will take you to our PayPal page, or…

2) Via Super Chat on Zennie62 Vlog Vlog on YouTube Livestream – there, the contributor must provide an email address to send the recorded transaction and amount of stock shares purchased.

Investments can be made as many times as the person or persons wants, and until the maximum possible percentage of 30 percent, or 30 percent minus previously purchased shares, is reached. Also, one investment can be made by a group of people, but the share splits would be considered even between the parties involved, unless we are given a percentage share distribution list. So, if you have 5 people who, together, donate $1,000, that 1.6572 percent will be assumed to be an equal distribution unless otherwise noted before the transaction is recorded.