Lee Harvey Oswald: Guilty or Patsy ?

Posted on Nov 22 2013 - 11:30am by Dave
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On the 22nd of November 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School book depositary killing president John F Kennedy or at least that is what we have been told, but did Oswald really do it?

Of course it is something that we may never truly know the answer to, and perhaps Oswald did fire those shots from the book depositary that day whether he acted alone or not is not in question here (that’s a whole other article) but there are plenty of reasons to suggest that Oswald was what he said he was upon his arrest ‘a patsy’.

Oswald; “I’M JUST A PATSY”

Here is one online definition of a ‘Patsy’ ;  scapegoat. red herring. person accused of a something as a cover for a bigger more elaborate crime.

Lets start with Oswald claming he was a patsy upon his arrest at a Texas theatre. Strange thing to say wasn’t it, given the circumstances of his arrest. Oswald though was only arrested for shooting and killing Officer J.D Tippet and not for shooting Kennedy, something he was later charged with, yet Oswald seemed to know it was coming, either because he did it or because he had knowledge of it and as things started to unravel he became aware that he was indeed the ‘patsy’ for the whole thing.

Why would so may police officers attend the theatre to arrest Oswald when he had not been named in the assassination of the president and only accused of killing Tippet, were there not more pressing matters at hand? The Dallas police department should have been all over Dealey Plaza and setting up road blocks in order to keep potential suspects from getting away. Instead 30 police officers and a fleet of cars were present because someone called the police to say that a man was acting suspiciously and had gone into the theatre without paying. The president had just been shot and 30 officers had attended the arrest of a man (Oswald) who had been acting suspiciously and had not paid 75 cent ticket. Only 15 minutes after the assassination the police put out a description matching Oswald, but where did the description come from? However you look at the arrest there is something that just doesn’t sit right about it. If what happened is true then the police captured the man who committed the crime of the century by chance, coincidence or circumstance and not through police, FBI or C.I.A intelligence.

In the midst of it all why would Oswald go to the Texas theatre at that time and not buy a ticket even though he had more than enough money with him ? Did he go here to meet someone? A contact ? Either way it seems that someone knew that Oswald would be here. The president has just been shot and Oswald goes to watch a movie?

In regard to Tippets murder, several witnesses apparently identified Oswald as Tippet’s killer but others described a very different looking man, perhaps even Jack Ruby, one witness said that she saw two men running from the scene. Either way if Oswald did shoot Tippet that does not necessarily mean he shot Kennedy. Oswald seemed to know something regarding the assassination, which explains his  “I’M JUST A PATSY” quote. Was Oswald working undercover for the C.I.A ? Did he have knowledge of the assassination? Kennedy blamed the C.I.A for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and Kennedy had taken some major responsibilities away from the C.I.A afterwards, which was a huge embarrassment to the organisation, was this reason enough for the C.I.A to be involved in such a thing?

Lee Harvey Oswald was a former US Marine who defected to the Soviet Union in 1959, now if this was true and Oswald had defected then why was he allowed back into the United States along with his Russian wife, to live? Some theories suggest that Oswald defecting was just a cover story and that he was in Russia as an undercover C.I.A agent, which would go some way into explaining why Oswald could speak Russian. He would not have been taught the language in his position of a regular Marine, Oswald claimed that he taught himself the language.

Oswald was described as a loner, yet it seemed he moved in circles with many people who were associated, rightly or wrongly with the assassination. People such as Jack Ruby, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie , how did Oswald get to be included in such a circle? Right place right time or undercover training?

All files held on Oswald were classified, but it was known that Oswald was a former US Marine that had apparently defected to the Soviet Union so what was so secret about Oswald that it needed to be classified, Oswald was a loner a nobody, so were told yet the fact that he had ‘files’ pertaining to him is itself something of a mystery.   

Lee Harvey Oswald worked in the Texas School book depositary and was at work on the day of the assassination. However Oswald was spotted in the second floor lunch room by police officer Marrion Baker and the book depositary manager, Roy Truly less than 90 seconds after the shooting. It was also stated that Oswald was drinking a Coke, meaning that unless he had pre-purchased the drink he would have had to have been down there even earlier to give him time to purchase the Coke from the machine in the lunch room. Oswald simply did not have time to get the shots off, stash the gun and get to the 2nd floor and he did not appear out of breath or panicked in anyway. Was the timing of the sighting of Oswald on the second floor correct?

The Rifle recovered by the police on the sixth floor was found hidden behind a box and therefore not really hidden at all, why go to the trouble of moving the rifle but leave the shell casings right next to the open window? The Rifle, a  6.5mm Carcano carbine was sent to Oswald via a rented post office box that Oswald rented in his own name. He could have bought a rifle by walking into any gun store and giving a false name and address and therefore the gun, if it was to be used in the assassination would be untraceable. Oswald also bought a hand gun using the same method, but why did he need the guns in the first place?  

Had Oswald been the lone gunman as the Warren Report  concluded then why not take the shot earlier? From the position at the 6th floor window of the book depositary the easier shot would have been when the motorcade was coming towards him on Houston Street and not whilst the car was moving away from him on Elm Street, which also had the added obstruction of two tall Oak trees. Did Oswald not get to his position in time to take that shot?

Does anyone believe that Jack Ruby shot Oswald because Ruby did not want Jackie Kennedy to have to suffer a trial? What did Oswald know about Ruby for Ruby to take such an action? 

Why is the second gunman theory so refuted by the Warren Report? Does this theory go some way into disproving that Oswald was involved at all?     

Guilty or Patsy?

Lee Harvey Oswald WAS in the Texas School book depositary at the time of the assassination but was he holding a rifle or a coke?

It’s been 50 years and we still have more questions than answers and the window of truth gets smaller each passing day, in another 50 years the truth will be buried forever.

Ask yourself, are you 100% convinced Oswald killed Kennedy?


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