Does Tebow Deserve Another Shot at the NFL?

Posted on May 8 2013 - 5:10pm by Dave
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Tim Tebow continues to be big news although I haven’t really worked out why but since the circus is in town I’ll make a contribution. The current debate of, does Tim Tebow deserve another chance in the NFL brings up the question of, a chance at what, the chance to be a starting quarterback, the chance to be a back up QB or the chance to play another position such as full back or tight end?

After leading the Broncos to the playoffs in 2011, Tebow was replaced by Peyton Manning and instead of keeping Tebow on the roster the Broncos traded him to the Jets where we presumed he would compete with the less than convincing Mark Sanchez for the starting quarterback position. When the then Jets General Manager Mark Tannenbaum gave Sanchez a ridiculous and underserved new contract in 2012 it was clear that Tebow would be just a gimmick in there offense, although he never even managed that. On the whole and in short Tebow as a New York Jet was a complete waste of time.

Now Tebow is a free agent after being cut by the Jets and has cleared waivers, meaning that anyone can take a chance on him with very little risk so will anyone pull the trigger?

It’s easy to forget that despite his obvious flaws, Tebow also has several plus points and there was more than one team that failed to stop him moving the ball during his short time in Denver in which he won a playoff game. It wasn’t pretty but was often effective and in today’s NFL where ‘gimmicky’ offenses are all the rage Tebow could surely add something to someone offense.

I didn’t see anyone complaining when Colin Kaepernick spent the majority of his time as the 49ers QB, running with the football. The same can be said about Cam Newton and RG3 and although they can all throw the ball a lot better than Tebow they are all quarterbacks that have had success running the ball.

Is Tebow anymore of a risk as a starter than Brady Quinn, Blaine Gabbert or John Skelton all of whom made starts for their respective teams last season and will all be on NFL rosters in 2013, the answer is no.

Like I said at the beginning I’m not sure why Tebow gets as much attention in the media as he does he is not the best player to play in the NFL and he is not the worst. He has a particular skill set and there must be a creative offensive mind out there who could get the best out of Tebow that could help there team win more games, after all as someone once said ‘ You play to win the game’.

My only other question is, why does no one care if Jimmy Clausen deserves another chance in the NFL?

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